To serve the best interest of the Xiong clan by all reasonable and effective means to include resources, training and development, guidance, support, and leadership.


  1. To safeguard the dignity and integrity of the Xiong clan;
  2. To strengthen Xiong unity and intra-Xiong relations;
  3. To promote and preserve Xiong customs and traditions and the Hmong culture;
  4. To develop leadership and professionalism within the Xiong clan;
  5. To strengthen and maintain the stability of the Xiong family unit;
  6. To mediate inter- and intra-clan disputes;
  7. To promote business development and success;
  8. To promote civic participation;
  9. To establish and strengthen relations with other Hmong clans and communities at large;
  10. To promote educational excellence and advancement; and
  11. To research and establish a databank of Xiong professionals, including but not limited to entrepreneurs, educators, and leaders.